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Innovation for Education is an opportunity to test new ideas to improve the quality of education in Rwanda. The aim is to demonstrate effective and equitable ways of improving children’s learning. Civil society and the private sector will be supported to pilot innovative projects with the potential to be adopted by the government and implemented on a nation-wide scale.

Since December 2012, 26 innovative projects with an overall value of GBP 11.9 mln. are up and running all over Rwanda. The projects are being implemented in classrooms, schools and other education institutions over a two-year period.

All projects are closely aligned to the government’s Education Sector Strategic Plan and are linked by a strong focus on evidence collection. Each project will collect data to assess the impact that the project is having on children’s education. Those findings will be judged against the cost effectiveness of the project, and whether it can be scaled up by Government.

Innovation for Education is committed to supporting the government to identify successful innovations and use them in its own programme.

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  Innovation for Education is a partnership between the governments of Rwanda and the United Kingdom. The Fund Manager, Mott MacDonald Ltd, is based in the Ministry of Education in Kigali.